BITCH chunky rounded porcelain signet ring with 22k gold lustre

BITCH chunky rounded porcelain signet ring with 22k gold lustre


Glazed, hand-painted porcelain ring with real 22k gold lustre decoration. This is a chunky, rounded signet ring with a fine black line around the top, upon which is painted ‘bitch’ in gold lustre. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a ring with attitude!

Our rings come boxed in a black cardboard presentation box with a black flocked insert.

Most rings have small black or brown marks on the inside - these marks are made where the ring has been hung on nichrome wire in the kiln. Because our rings are glazed all over, they cannot be laid directly on a kiln shelf to be fired - they have to be suspended on a rack. For the most part, these marks are smooth and do not show on the outside of the ring. There may be other small marks on the glaze here and there, or imperfections in the surface of the glaze - these are all part of the handmade, one-of-a-kind nature of these rings and should not be considered a flaw. Please look carefully at the photographs before making a purchase.

Ring size: UK - P; US - 8; approx. diameter: 17-18mm (NB because of the handmade nature of these, the sizes are approximate)

Care instructions: Please do not wear these rings in the shower or bath. They are high fired and glazed on the outside, so they should not stain or discolour, but please try not to wear them when doing things like washing up or manual labour, just in case. They are made from porcelain, which is a very tough clay - but please be careful not to bang them sharply on hard surfaces.

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